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I’m excited to announce my new free online book club!  Each month I release a new chapter of an “in-between” story—a story that happens in-between two books in one of my children’s book series.  Book Club members get to vote on how the ending of each chapter should finish!

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By Karen Cossey

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Kinsey and Crimson are surrounded by wolves in this latest instalment of  The Mysterious Minstrel. Read the Story and vote on your favorite ending.

StoneIce the Shapeshifter
Karen Cossey Childrens Writer

About Karen

I’ve always enjoyed stories and books.  I loved to read curled up on my favourite chair by the window when I was a child.  If I wasn’t reading, I was roaming around our farm: picking berries, making huts with my brothers, and chasing my dog. When my two children were young I home-schooled them, and the best time of day was always story-time. Nowadays, I like to write stories that capture the fun of family and friendship mixed with a good mystery that keeps the reader guessing. Like all good authors, I have a pet (acutally, I have two). If you want to see my cats, click here.

Kids Bestselling Mystery Books
Fantasy Unicorn Quest for 8-12 year olds
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Free Classroom Read Alouds and bedtime short stories for kids 5-9
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Common Sense Says: It's highly unlikely you'll ever find treasure at the bottom of the ocean.

The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure Says:

“What if those buckets are loaded with shipwreck coins?”

Good Advice Says: Don't Jump on a Dragon

The Battle of the Snake Says:

“He thundered out a blood-curdling roar and swung his neck wildly, trying to dislodge me…”

People say: It's hard to catch a criminal

The Con Artist’s Takeover  Says:

“The problem is the Bugatti was stolen a few weeks ago.”

Wise Advice Says: Don't believe everything a Unicorn tells you

The Return to Deephaven says

She tossed her head out of my hands and twisted it towards the black crystal. “Be brave, and you will stop them.”

What Readers Are Saying

This is a great book. It is different from some other middle grade adventure books as the characters are as strong as the plot. The characters are fresh and well developed. ~David Lloyd

This adventurous kids story had me hooked from the very beginning and I really didn’t want to put it down. It was more exciting than some of the adult fiction I usually read. I certainly plan to read it to my class this year! ~ Marion Kirby

What a feel good, great read! It has a bit of everything; family, friendship, action, suspense, laugh-out-loud wit, fight scenes, racing cars and more. The story is believable and heart-warming. ~Mike Jansen

I tossed aside a 5 book series which was highly recommended, excellent plot, world building etc, and grabbed this one out of curiosity. Fun Fun Fun! No spoilers here. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. ~ Amazon Customer

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