The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian: Story Excerpts

Myths about Unicorns

“Is it true that unicorns put a wart spell on you if you annoy your sister too much?” he asked.

Meeting Kolby, the Ranger and Spy

As Kolby looked me over, I couldn’t be sure he was fooled about my being a boy.

The Dragon of Death

“He thundered out a blood-curdling roar and swung his neck wildly, trying to dislodge me…”

Rescuing Juxston the Dwarf

The wolf was almost on top of us, I could see his sharp piercing teeth as I let my arrow go.

Attack of the Ravens

The raven storm was upon us, their claws and beaks tearing the air as they swooped down to attack us.

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Kids Fantasy Book

The Adventures of Crimson and The Guardian

A journey into a medieval fantasy world for 8-10 year olds

War is looming, sinister creatures are prowling the land, and old enemies are gathering their forces. Can anyone stop them now that there is no Guardian to protect against evil?  

Bored and frustrated, the orphaned kitchen-maid Kinsey knows nothing of the approaching dangers as she goes about her daily life.  Though she wishes for excitement, when she stumbles upon a cloak with hidden powers she is not ready for the adventures coming her way.

It is up to Crimson, a mysterious talking unicorn who befriends Kinsey, to help her. Although Crimson does tend to hurl Kinsey into one dangerous escapade after another before offering any help. First Kinsey must face a deadly river monster attacking a castle, and then overcome a band of vicious jagotchies before rescuing the kidnapped leader of the dwarfs.

As she travels closer to the battlefield where the nations enemy is gathering his forces, she has to avoid wolf-like creatures called mungas intent on tearing her limb to limb, escape the clutches of the small but deadly bobaho and kill a giant savage dragon.

At every encounter Kinsey discovers more about the cloak’s magic secrets, and surprises herself with her own abilities.

But has she learned enough to be able to defeat the Snake and the deadliest enemy of all, the disease-spreading Pegasus of Peril? 

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