The dwarves are insisting it’s time for them to reclaim Deephaven caves now the two-headed dragon-like creatures called tworns have all been killed in the Battle of the Snake. But what about tworn survivors? One huge tworn could kill a lot of dwarves.

There’s only one way to know if Deephaven Caves are truly safe.
Go and look inside.

This is a wonderful middle-grade story, full of adventure, magic and tworns. The world-building is strong, and you will find yourself swept away. The characters are well-developed and loveable. Brave Kinsey, who acts first and thinks second, and can’t manage to do anything the slightest lady-like. Then there’s Anvil, the dwarf, who can’t stand caves and would rather climb trees. There’s Kinsey’s sister, Liliana, and Kolby the ranger, who are deeply in love with each other, much to Kinsey’s embarrassment. And, of course, Crimson: without whose wisdom they all would have died, no doubt.

I loved the humour and wit woven through the story. How could you not love expressions like ‘Jagotchy-fart’ and ‘Ugly elf ears’? I laughed and I cried. I can’t wait for the next book in this series. Five stars.

Sharon, Good Reads Reviewer

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The Return to Deephaven

For 2nd to 5th graders

For over two hundred years no one has dared attempt to enter the Deephaven caves—not since the two-headed, dragon-like tworns viciously attacked the dwarves who lived there and took the caves for their own. But since their overwhelming defeat at the Battle of the Snake everyone wants to know how many tworns are still alive. And there’s only one way to find out—do what no one has chanced for decades—disregard common-sense and venture inside the caves.

Armed with not much more than her dragon-dagger and her courage, Kinsey makes the journey with Crimson, the wise and insightful unicorn, ever beside her. The cave-hating but tworn-ready young dwarf, Anvil Treegrasper, reluctantly joins them. However, ferocious tworns are not the only danger in their path. An unlikely but cunning spell master has one thought on his mind—steal the Pendant of Peace worn around Kinsey’s neck for his own deadly purposes. And he is closer than Kinsey could ever imagine, with a powerful black crystal full of evil enchantments that could destroy them all.

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