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List of Facts about Dwarves for Young Fantasy Writers

I love writing fantasy—it’s such a lot of fun inventing a new world. In my first unicorn fantasy book: The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian, I created some new species and drew on traditional fantasy characters: dwarves, unicorns and elves.  I played around with one of the most traditional ideas about dwarves—that they live underground: mine live in trees!  You can read the first chapter of my book here.

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When you write your dwarves, you don’t have to create them with all the old, well-known characteristics, but remember your reader still needs to be able to recognize them as dwarves. If they are completely different, you have probably created a new species.

Here are some things I discovered about dwarves in my research. And yes, in my second book of the series, I have the dwarves trying to reclaim their long-lost caves from the two-headed dragon-like creatures called tworns. Well, most of the dwarves—after all, perhaps some of them actually like living in trees. Can you believe it?

(Download the Dwarf Info Sheets in pdf format here.)

  • Dwarves live in underground caves and tunnels where they mine precious metals and gems.
  • Dwarves live to about 250 years. They are not considered an adult until they are 65 years old.
  • Dwarves are great in a battle. They love to fight close-range. Their favorite weapons are axes and hammers.
  • Female dwarves look like male dwarves. Some, but not all writers, say they grow beards too.

  • Dwarves are known to be grumpy, especially when dealing with elves, whom they distrust.
  • Dwarves love treasure and hoard their gold, jewels and precious metals.
  • Dwarves never go bald. All the members of one clan will usually braid their beards the same way.
  • Dwarves are resistant to poison and magic, ie evil magic spells won’t work on them. But they can create magic tools, armor and weapons, instruments and toys.

Download the Dwarf Info Sheets in pdf format here.


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