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The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure

Logan hadn’t bargained on making friends with a secretive, rich and mysterious family when he’d trespassed onto the private beach by abseiling down a cliff that first morning of school half-term break. But his “be alone” plans are interrupted when he meets the adventurous Meeka and her secretive, mysterious parents.

After spending a thrilling day full of adventure and Ferraris, he finally realizes the identity of his mysterious new friends—but what’s better, with the help of their friendship, it looks like that elusive sense of belonging is finally within his grasp.

Until his older foster brother shatters his hopes for his new friendship.

But it’s not just his happiness that is at stake as a mystery unfolds around them. His suspicions of a shipwreck pirates’ smuggling ring turn into reality, putting Meeka and his life plus the lives of his foster family at risk. Caught by the ruthless pirates they are all tied up and held captive.

A bigger shock is still to come, one that will hit Logan the hardest. How can he possibly escape now?

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This is a middle grade novel for kids who love lots of action and a mystery to solve. But it’s more than that. I love that the story dives deep into family life and the ups and downs of being a kid, particularly because it’s from a boy’s perspective, which isn’t something that is often explored in children’s literature.

This is a story about family and the variance in families. It’s easy to assume every family is the same. It’s easy to assume every family lives in the same kind of house and has the same kind of life. But the truth is every family is different, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Filled with action, adventure, mystery and heart, The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure  has something for every young reader.

– Kids Book Review

Logan, foster boy from the Crime Stopper Kids mystery series


Meeka, the mystery character from The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries


Whodunnit Mystery for 9 to 14 years

Book Two, The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries

The Con Artist’s Takeover

Crime-stopping kids Logan, Meeka, Poet and Ninja-Nate find themselves caught up in another mystery, this time at Meeka’s mansion-like home.

Meeka’s parents were super rich so it should’ve been a blast visiting Meeka in her mansion-like home, but Logan can’t get over all the secrets everyone seems to have: the manager, the teacher and even Meeka, who won’t stop lying. Logan’s certain she’s hiding something, and he’s determined to find out what it is.

Meeka was excited to see her dad again, after he’d been away for almost a month. She was just as excited to find he’d brought Logan, Nate and Poet along with him, but her joy is soon replaced by dismay as the secret she’s trying to hide looks like it will come between her and her friends. And that’s before they uncover a mystery that makes them all suspect Meeka’s teacher is lot more dangerous than she looks.

How will they fix this one?

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This is a great book. It is different from some other middle grade adventure books as the characters are as strong as the plot. The characters are fresh and well developed – led by the one-of-a-kind quirky 11-year-old girl Meeka and her friend, brave, troubled 13-year-old Logan. The conversations between Meeka, Logan and their friends make you feel like you’re standing in the room. I love the affection and warmth between them. The plot is exciting and fast paced with modern smugglers. I like that some of the teenagers follow martial arts and can stand up for themselves with the villains. The story is listed as the first of a series. I’m hungry to read more adventures by this writer and more of these great character

– D Lloyd, Amazon Book Reviewer

Meet Nate, the crime-stopper funny kid.


Meet Poet, from the series: The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries


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The Runaway Rescue

Go back in time to find out how Logan’s foster brother and sister, Cole and Poet, found themselves in the same home Logan would later join…and see how Poet got her nickname.

When Cole and Lauren are orphaned, they are left with no one to take care of them. Fearing separation by Social Services, a desperate young Cole runs away with his seven-year-old sister Lauren.

With nowhere to turn they take a chance on a stranger’s help. But when danger comes knocking at the stranger’s door, Cole wonders if he’ll ever be safe again. How far will he have to run this time to protect himself and Lauren?

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