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“This is the Best Book Ever!  I love it. they should make a movie!!” ~Elvis, Amazon Reader.

“This adventurous kids story had me hooked from the very beginning and I really didn’t want to put it down. It was more exciting than some of the adult fiction I usually read.” ~Marion, Amazon Reader.

Meeka, the mystery character from The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries
Logan, foster boy from the Crime Stopper Kids mystery series

Logan had no idea that trespassing could lead to so much trouble! All he wanted was to explore some out-of-bounds caves by himself but instead he finds a new friend and a load of danger!

Before he knows it, rock climbing and Ferrari racing leads to gold smuggling and burning fires with no way out! How will he survive?

And how will he save his friends?

This is a middle grade novel for kids who love lots of action and a mystery to solve. But it’s more than that. I love that the story dives deep into family life and the ups and downs of being a kid, particularly because it’s from a boy’s perspective, which isn’t something that is often explored in children’s literature.

Filled with action, adventure, mystery and heart, The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure, The Mystery of the Shipwreck Pirates Gold has something for every young reader.

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Shaye Wardrop, Kids Book Review

The Trespasser's Unexpected Adventure

Mystery Story For Kids 9-12 years

Logan hadn’t bargained on making friends with a secretive, rich and mysterious family  when he’d trespassed onto the private beach by abseiling down a cliff that first morning of school half-term break.  But his “be alone” plans are interrupted when he meets the adventurous Meeka and her secretive, mysterious parents.

After spending a thrilling day full of adventure and Ferraris, he finally realizes the identity of his mysterious new friends—but what’s better, with the help of their friendship, it looks like that elusive sense of belonging is finally within his grasp.

Until his older foster brother shatters his hopes for his new friendship.

But it’s not just his happiness that is at stake as a mystery unfolds around them.  His suspicions of a shipwreck pirates’ smuggling ring turn into reality, putting Meeka and his life plus the lives of his foster family at risk.  Caught by the ruthless pirates they are all tied up and held captive, but a bigger shock is still to come, one that will hit Logan the hardest. How can he possibly escape now?


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