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14 Free moral stories in English in this Readers Favorite 5-star kid’s funny bedtime story book. Princesses, jungle animals, puppies, dinosaurs and more—there’s a story in here to delight every child!

Each story is delightful and there’s enough magic flying around to make the whole book a great experience. The writing is clear and concise, and ideal for the target reader, with a nice illustration at the beginning of each story to tempt the reader to keep reading. I found as I finished one story I simply had to read the next, and so on until the end.
Jane Finch,

Cinderella Sarah Short Stories to Read at Bedtime and for Classroom Read Alouds

Moral Stories in English For 5-9 year olds

A great English short story read aloud and bedtime book for 5-9 year-olds with stories you'll love including:

  • Dumplepumple the Friendly Troll—A young troll decides to play with a sleeping dragon
  • Cinderella Sarah—a Cinderella story told by her little brother
  • The Bodyguard—a pet dog protects his young owner from wayward adults
  • Grandma's Muddled Magic—a fairy Godmother is reunited with her magic wand and "helps" fairy tale character
  • Skyhead the Dinosaur—take a tumble back in time to the age of the dinosaurs
  • Morris the Monkey—the big fishing competition is coming up but all he wants to do is play.
  • The Magical Monster of Doom—everything turns topsy-turvy when the magical monster of doom is around
  • Pakak the Inuit Huskie Dog—A young boy searches for his lost dog

Find 14 fun English children's stories/bedtime stories for kids ages 5-9 in this heart-warming moral book. There are pets, fairy tale characters, monsters, dragons and everyday school stories!  It's one of those fun books for kids you'll enjoy as much as your child or student!


Reading Worksheets for Teachers and Homeschool Parents

Worksheets for book of moral Stories in English

Find Free reading worksheets to use with these stories here.


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