Meeka has a secret that scares her into silence, a burden she can’t even trust with her friends.

All Logan, Nate and Poet want to do is help her, but when they uncover a crime, Meeka acts like she wishes they’d never come to visit.

Will they have enough loyalty and bravery to not only solve the mystery but save their friendship…and their lives?

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The Con Artist’s Takeover is a wonderful dual reading experience, the narrative working on both levels—for parents and kids—always the sign of a good middle grade read.

Lee Murray, Amazon Reader

The Con Artist's Takeover

Whodunnit for Kids

Crime-stopping adventure kids Logan, Meeka, Poet and Ninja-Nate find themselves caught up in a deadly crime ring mystery in the most unexpected place: Meeka’s mansion-like home, where everyone has secrets, even Meeka.

When Logan, Ninja-Nate and Poet visit their new friend Meeka in her over-the-top wealthy home, they were expecting some fun and laughter. Instead, Meeka is obviously hiding something. She even acts like she wishes they weren’t there.

Meeka has a secret she can’t share, and things turn from bad to desperate when her father ignores her and her problems. Only one person sees the danger everyone is in as the evil mastermind from the kids past closes in on them. But there is nothing they can do to stop him and before too long, Nate is kidnapped.

As Nate's life hangs in the balance, Logan, Meeka and Poet know what they must do. Go and rescue Ninja-Nate. No matter what the risk. Even if it means running straight into deadly danger.

Who will save them this time?

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