Free Kids Books: Cinderella Sarah and The Runaway Rescue

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That’s me, thinking about the next chapter for the Stolen Moments Online Book Club ‘What Now?’ story


Stolen  Moments Online Book Club

Hello! Thank you for dropping by my Stolen Moments Online Book Club. I’d love to have you join and receive my free books, plus a regualr reader-driven What Now? story. It’s usually monthly, but sometimes I’m delayed as our family tourist business can get quite hectic at different times of the year. 

Voting on the What Now? Story

I send out a chapter with two different ‘What Now?’ options for members to vote on (by clicking a Vote button in the email). The ‘What Now?’ ending that gets the most votes wins and I start writing the next chapter.

Read the first email in the story series here.

When you sign up to join the Stolen Moments Online Book Club you’ll receive a newsletter each month with the next chapter instalment and I also let you know by email about two weeks later which option was the winner. 

Other Stuff in the Newsletter

As well as the monthly story I send out my book news, a book review and any special deals and promotions. Plus, I’d love to build some community by us all sharing our favorite pet photos—I couldn’t get by without my cats and I know that some of you out there can’t read a book without some warm furry creature sitting on your lap or lying on your feet (or standing by the food bowl and mewling loudly right at the most exciting part of the book…don’t you hate that?)

Picture of my cats

Louie (front) and Mikey (back)

Free Books

Image of the Free Good Books for Kids you receive when you join the Stolen Moments Online Book Club

When my children were young (I have a son and a daughter), I loved our reading time together. I hope you get a lot of joy out of reading with your children too—and that they love a good read themselves. As a gift to them, here are two free digital books for them to try: The Runaway Rescue for 9-12-year-olds, and Cinderella Sarah, a collection of short stories for 5-9 year-olds. Simply subscribe to the Stolen Moments Online Book Club below and you’ll be sent an email link to download the books, plus details on how to get help to use the download file if you are unfamiliar with digital books. I hope you and your children enjoy them!

I promise to respect your privacy—I hate spam and will keep your details confidential. You can click on the link in the bottom of my book club emails to unsubscribe at any time. You can read my privacy policy here.

Free Kids Books: Cinderella Sarah and The Runaway Rescue

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