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Bedtime Short Story and Fairy Tale Characters

Laugh out loud fun short stories for bedtime or classroom read alouds.

Bedtime Short Story and Fairy Tale Characters

Cinderella Sarah Two

Bedtime Stories and Classroom Read-Alouds for 5-9-year-olds

Short story read-alouds and bedtime stories that delight children, parents and teachers! This book for 5-9-year-olds has new short stories, plus some that continue on from the ever-popular Cinderella Sarah One Short Stories collection (over 14000 downloads) including:

  • Cinderella Sarah and the Chocolate Thief: the next instalment of our Cinderella story told by her little brother has him and Cinderella Sarah chasing down a chocolate-stealing fiend
  • Morris the Monkey and the Lie: Morris the jungle monkey returns and this time learns that lying doesn’t always turn out for the best. This jungle animal story has a fun song to sing along with.
  • Dumplepumple and the Joltfluffs: Puffersnoot the dragon is under attack! Can Dumplepumple save him from the zip-zapping joltfluffs?
  • Grandma's Broken Magic: Rumpelstiltskin has taken Grandma's magic wand and is causing havoc.
  • Storytime Class: Lewis and Sophie are left in charge of the Junior's class at storytime. Now this could be fun!
  • The Bodyguard Returns: The Bodyguard has been banished to a back lawn. How will he ever get back inside?

The new stories include the following exciting adventures:

  • The Flying Elephant: Bubba the baby elephant looks a little strange, no trunk, big ears on his back not his head, and a long spiky tail. But it doesn’t matter to Milly, she knows he’ll grow up to look like an elephant. If the zookeepers don’t catch them both first. (Read the Start of the Story Here)
  • Sea Monsters and Pirates: Jane was the grumpiest pirate on the seas, until she rescues three children. But are they really children or something else? It’s going to take an attack by a giant octopus to find out.
  • Benjamin’s Time Travel Adventure: Go back in time along with Benjamin and solve the problem of a broken bell that needs a bit more than blob of glue to work again.
  • The Hoobliegooblies: Rumbletumble Jumpil Bumpil the rabbit is terrified of the Hoobliegooblie. Can Joey the hedgehog help him overcome his fear?
  • Jangles Rainy Day: Jangle the Hippopotamus loves rainy days at the zoo because they are so quiet. Nothing ever happens on a rainy day.  But this rainy day is different.
  • The Pizza Problem: Delivering pizza's should be an easy job for a boy and his new scooter. Until a few things go awry.
  • The Tooth Fairy and the General: Tonight will be Lili's first night out collecting teeth. But where is her coin bag?
  • The Hoppity Highness: Edmond and Eloise have to leave their favorite Aunt's crumbly castle. But even worse things happen when their carriage is attacked by bandits! What can they do to escape? (Read the Start of the Story Here)

Laugh along with these happy, fun stories with your child tonight at bedtime. They are also perfect for mat time in your classroom.

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