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This popular children’s book was awarded the Five Star Book Review by Reader’s Favorite.com.  There are eleven stories, all of them entertaining.  You can read samples of each chapter from the menu.  If you are unsure where to start, I recommend “Grandma’s Muddled Magic” or the Cinderella story, “Sarah and the Prince” if you like fairy-tales. If you prefer animal stories, “Finding Pakak” is a fun story about finding a lost dog. “The Bodyguard” is also a story about a pet dog, but if you prefer something a bit more magical and like dragons, “The Magical Monster of Doom” or “Push the Troll” may appeal to you. “Eye’ll Fix It” is a recommended moral story for anyone who likes practical jokes.

If you are a teacher you can find free children’s literature worksheets here to use with Short Stories for Kids here – starting with a Writing Activity sheet for “Grandma’s Muddled Magic” and one for “The Magical Monster of Doom“.  There’s also one for “Push the Troll“.


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Five Star Children's Book: Short Stories for KidsFive Star Children's Book: Short Stories for KidsFive Star Children's Book: Short Stories for KidsFive Star Children's Book: Short Stories for KidsFive Star Children's Book: Short Stories for Kids

Five Star Book Review by www.ReadersFavorite.com


Short Stories for Kids: Fun Stories for Children by Karen Cossey is a compilation of eleven short stories with lots of magic and even more fun. From Grandma who is not allowed to use magic, to a different take on the classic Cinderella story; there’s a missing dog, and an attack by dragonflies, and even Mr. Simons who is suspected of cooking children on pizza. Each story is captivating, fun, and has a happy ending. The characters are believable, and I loved all of the stories, although my favourite character was Grandma in Grandma’s Muddled Magic. The hunt to find the pet husky before she had her pups is compelling reading, and the idea of mother and daughter trading places is brilliant. There is so much to entertain in these diverse stories.

The author, Karen Cossey, has done a clever job with these stories. Each one is delightful and there’s enough magic flying around to make the whole book a great experience. The writing is clear and concise, and ideal for the target reader, with a nice illustration at the beginning of each story to tempt the reader to keep reading. I found as I finished one story I simply had to read the next, and so on until the end. Karen Cossey has a lovely writing style and I like the mix of original stories and slants on classic fairy tales. Hopefully, this will be the first of many by this author.

Award for short story children's book: Short Stories for Kids