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Hi! I’m Karen, the author of the free book: Cinderella Sarah: Bedtime Stories for Children, Fun Classroom Read Alouds and Short Stories for Kids, The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian and The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure.


Take a look at this book for 9-12 year olds:  The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure –  an exciting adventure story:


The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure is a modern-day action adventure mystery story with smugglers, gold and ferraris to keep the excitement high! It’s a page-turner your kids will love—and it’s an Amazon Bestselling Kids Mystery and Detective book! Read the first few chapters for free here.


The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian is a  fun mythical story set in medieval times with unicorns, dragons and magical creatures. Great for 8-10 year olds. Read the first few chapters for free here.


Find out more about this free children’s pdf book here

If you are a teacher you can find free children’s literature worksheets to use with Cinderella Sarah here – starting with a Writing Activity sheet for “Grandma’s Muddled Magic” and one for “The Magical Monster of Doom“.  There’s also one for “Push the Troll“.