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Hi! I’m Karen, the author of the free book: Cinderella Sarah: Bedtime Stories for Children, Fun Classroom Read Alouds and Short Stories for Kids, The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian and The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure.

Find out more about this free children’s kindle book here

If you are a teacher you can find free children’s literature worksheets to use with Cinderella Sarah here – starting with a Writing Activity sheet for “Grandma’s Muddled Magic” and one for “The Magical Monster of Doom“.  There’s also one for “Push the Troll“. 
Take a look at my other two books for 9-12 year olds:  The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure and The Guardian.  They are both exciting adventure stories:


The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure is a modern-day action adventure mystery story with smugglers, gold and ferraris to keep the excitement high! It’s a page-turners your kids will love – it’s an Amazon Bestselling Kids Mystery and Detective book! Read the first few chapters for free here.


The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian is a mythical story set in medieval times with unicorns, dragons and magical creatures.  You can read a recently published article about this 8-10 year old story here.