Hoppity Highness—a Children’s Short Story with Dragons and Unicorns

Once upon a time, when baby unicorns and dragons still played together, there lived a brother and sister in a village where nobody went. Their home was with the local teacher, party planner and dragon tamer. Aunty was the only name Eloise and Edmund had ever used for her since a unicorn delivered them to her doorstep as little babies in a basket strapped to his back. Aunty named the unicorn Freddie, made a cosy nook for him in her woodshed, and took Eloise and Edmund into her home and her heart.

Aunty’s house was an old crumbling building that may have once been a castle. Eloise and Edmund loved their tumbled-down home and spent many happy hours playing games in and around the corridors and towers.

Often they had a baby dragon to play with, as well as Freddie their pet unicorn, because Aunty was always looking after orphaned dragons. Monks from all over the kingdom brought the orphans to her. You may believe that dragons are dangerous but, in those days, they had given up eating sheep and people, and taken to fish instead.

A monk called Landyn roamed the countryside with a small dragon called Chef, who often cooked fish for them both by blowing steam into lakes. No one knew Monk Landyn’s age, but he must have been ancient, for he hobbled on a walking stick and knew nothing about modern stuff like keeping in touch with your friends using dragon-smoke morse code.

Eloise and Edmund were fond of Landyn and his dragon, Chef. Landyn always stayed for at least a week. He told scary tales that made their hair bristle and cooked the most wonderful fish and chips, roasted in Chef’s dragon-fire.

It was almost the end of one of Landyn’s visits. He and Chef were cooking dinner while Aunty, Eloise and Edmund listened to him weave a story. Outside, the rain pelted down from tattered clouds.
Suddenly there was a loud rap-rap-rappity-rap at the door. Not a polite, ‘Please may I come in’ rap, but a bossy ‘Let me in NOW!’ rap.


Find out who was at the door in the short story book:
Cinderella Sarah Two

Stories by Karen Cossey
Copyright © Karen Cossey, 2021

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