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Picture of Meeka, from the kids series: The Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries


Courageous Character 

Logan Seagate has known trouble in his young life.  His mother died when he was only 5, leaving him in the care of his volatile father. Now he is fostered by a loving family but he still has a hard time letting go of his past.  Things look to be getting better and better for him when he meets Meeka, an adventurous  and over-imaginative daughter of a mysterious family. Together they discover a smuggling ring and face one danger after another. Will they both have the courage they need when their lives and the lives of their families are put at risk? 

This is a great book. It is different from some other middle grade adventure books as the characters are as strong as the plot. The characters are fresh and well developed – led by the one-of-a-kind quirky 11 year old girl Meeka and her friend, brave, troubled 13 year old Logan. 

David Lloyd, Amazon Reader

“What a feel good, great read! It has a bit of everything; family, friendship, action, suspense, laugh-out-loud wit, fight scenes, racing cars and more. The story is believable and heart-warming. “

Mike Jansen, Amazon Reader

​Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries Series

Courageous Books for 9-12 Year-olds

Books in the Series

Trespasser's Unexpected Adventure Book for Middle Grade Kids. Find it in a good children's bookshop
The Trespasser's Unexpected Adventure
Kids who Dare. Villains to Fear. Parents who Care.


Logan had no idea that trespassing could lead to so much trouble. All he wanted was to explore some out-of-bounds caves by himself but instead he finds a new friend and load of danger. Before he knows it, his new friend and he are captured by gold smugglers and left in a burning fire with no  way out! 

How will they survive?
And how will they save their friends?

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The Con Artist's Takeover Mystery Book Cover
The Con Artist's Takeover
Kids in Despair. Villains lay a Snare. Parents Aren’t Aware.

Meeka has a secret that scares her into silence,
a burden she can’t even trust with her friends.

All Logan, Nate and Poet want to do is help her,
but when they uncover a crime,
Meeka acts like she wishes they weren’t there.

Will they have enough loyalty and bravery
to not only solve the mystery
but save their friendship…and their lives?


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Free Book: The Runaway Rescue
The Runaway Rescue: FREE Prequel
Kids Run Away. Villains on the Prey. Parents Save the Day.

When Cole and Lauren's father is killed, they are left with no one to take care of them. Fearing separation by Social Services, a desperate young Cole runs away with his seven-year old sister Lauren (later nicknamed Poet).
With nowhere to turn they take a chance on a stranger’s help, but when danger comes knocking at the stranger’s door, Cole wonders if he’ll ever be safe again. How far will he have to run this time to protect himself and Lauren?

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FREE Book Box of Children’s Short Stories

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Thank you for reading about Logan—I hope you enjoyed learning a few things about him. You can read the prequel to the book series he stars in (though he only has a small role in the prequel; it is the story of his older foster brother and foster sister), in my FREE ‘Stories for Kids’ digital Book Box. This is my free gift to you when you join my online book club. I’ll email you just once a month with a new chapter in a story where you get to vote on what happens next—you can unsubscribe at any time and I will keep your details private—I hate spam as much as you do!

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