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Cinderella Sarah Classroom Worksheets

To Use with Cinderella Sarah: Bedtime Stories for Children, Fun Classroom Read Alouds and Short Stories for 5-9 year-olds

Over 60 pages of  delightful reading and writing worksheets to use with Cinderella Sarah Short Story Collection.  Easy to use—they are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and have the reading age noted.

Free Short Bedtime Stories and Classroom Read Alouds

Cinderella Sarah Short Story Collection:

Fun read aloud children’s stories and heart-warming bedtime stories for kids ages 5-9. There are fairy tale characters, pets, school friends, angels, dinosaurs, monsters, and dragons! It’s one of those fun books for kids you’ll enjoy as much as your child or student!

Free Book Reports

Free Book Report Templates

To use with the books shown below—each book has both a single page and multi-page book report template options.

Free Book Reports Available for:
The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure

The Mystery of the Shipwreck Pirates Gold
Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries: Book One
Action Mystery story for 9-13 year olds.

Free Grade 5-6 Book Report Template

Logan had no idea that trespassing could lead to so much trouble—all he wanted was to explore some out-of-bounds caves by himself but instead he finds a new friend—and loads of danger!

Before he knows it, rock climbing and Ferrari racing leads to gold smuggling and burning fires with no way out!

How will he survive?  And how will he save his friends?

Free Book Reports Available for:
The Con Artist’s Takeover

The Mystery of the Unco-Nerdo School Teacher
Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries: Book Two
Action Mystery story for 9-13 year olds.

Image of Free Grade 5-6 Book Report Templates

Meeka has a secret that scares her into silence, a burden she can’t even trust with her friends.

All Logan, Nate and Poet want to do is help her, but when they uncover a crime, Meeka acts like she wishes they weren’t there.

Will they have enough loyalty and bravery to not only solve the mystery but save their  friendship…and their lives?

Free Book Reports Available for:
The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian

Unicorn fantasy story for 9-10 year olds.

Free Grade 4 Book Report Template

Young Kinsey, a lonely orphan servant girl in medieval times, finds an abandoned cloak). Unable to resist, she pulls it over her shoulders, snaps the clasp shut and is astounded that a talking unicorn appears in front of her!  

What happens next is even more amazing, as Kinsey finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of adventure, from slaying river monsters to fighting off giant wolf-like mungas. But will all her adventures prepare her for the final battle against the evil Snake who is threatening to take over the whole kingdom with his Pegasus of Peril?

Kinsey must find strength she never knew she had as she uncovers her true destiny…

Free Resources Book Box

Book Box: Worksheets for Kids

Both the sets of resouces listed above in one book box—one complete pdf file including:

1. Cinderella Sarah Worksheets

2. Book Report Templates


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