Short Stories For Kids by Karen CosseyBay News, Tauranga, New Zealand, October 30, 2014.

Selling her stories at one US dollar for eleven isn’t going to make Karen Cossey into a millionaire author, but at least her stories are being read.

Karen’s e-book, a collection of short stories for children called Short Stories for Kids, is available on Kindle devices via Amazon.

She says it has been an interesting process to get the collection onto the site.

“It’s been fun learning about it and finding out how to do it,” she says.

Karen is a member of the Tauranga Writers for Children and seven of her stories were published in the Bay of Plenty Times’ Summertime Reading series.

Some of those, including her favourite Grandma’s Muddled Magic, are included in Short Stories for Kids.

“I had so much fun writing that story, I could picture it all in my head. When it was published, somebody phoned one of the members of the group and asked where they could get more stories like that. That was pretty encouraging and it’s a thrill to be able to have it and my other stories published all in one place for kids anywhere to enjoy.”

She says selling the collection on Amazon is a means to an end.

“I’m wanting to get out there and get a presence. I have other books I’d like to get a publisher to print, but they like to see a platform and I’ve not got that yet.”

She is working on a big manuscript of a story aimed at 10-12 year-olds and also has a second “in the drawer”

Having recently learned more about editing she says it is a constant process for the book she is working on and she would also like to go back to the finished book to re-edit it.

Many of Karen’s stories began as pieces written for Tauranga Writers for Children. She says it is a supportive, encouraging group that has helped her be more disciplined in her writing.

“I enjoyed writing as a child, I suppose I was the classic bookworm, and joining Tauranga Writers for Children made me sit down and do it seriously.”

-Short Stories for Kids is available on Amazon’s Kindle store. Search with Karen Cossey or read excerpts at www.karencossey.com.

  Praise for the children’s book: Short Stories for Kids:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these short stories. Fresh and entertaining plus an ideal length for children to read or be read to as a bedtime story. They will love them.  – Robin Naden