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Crime-stopping kids Meeka, Logan, Poet (Lauren) and Ninja-Nate share their first heart-stopping mystery adventure.

It all started with Logan, who really shouldn’t have been trespassing onto an off-limits private beach by abseiling down a cliff that morning. All he wanted was to escape for awhile; he hadn’t bargained on making friends with a fun adventurous girl, Meeka, and her secretive, rich, mystery family.

Meeka was hoping for some fun that weekend, and couldn’t have been happier to catch Logan out trespassing, especially when it turned out he totally understood her. She certainly needed a friend.

After spending a thrilling day full of climbing adventures, Ferraris, and lots of laughs, Logan finally realizes the identity of his mystery friends—even though Meeka can’t bring herself to tell him. But what’s better, with the help of their friendship, it looks like that elusive sense of belonging is finally within his grasp. And Meeka is happy too, for as well as Logan, she gains two other friends, Logan’s foster sister and brother, Poet & Nate.

Everything looks great until Logan’s older foster brother, Cole, shatters Logan’s hopes for their new friendships.

But it’s not just his happiness that is at stake as a mystery unfolds around them. His suspicions of a shipwreck pirates’ smuggling ring turn into reality, putting all their lives at risk. Caught by the ruthless pirates they are tied up and held captive and even Nate and Cole’s ninja-like martial art skills can’t help.

A bigger shock is still to come, one that will hit Logan the hardest. But there is no time to deal with it because before they know it, he and Meeka are trapped in a raging fire. With the flames getting higher, how can they possibly escape, rescue the others and capture the crooks?

The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure is a heart-warming suspense and mystery adventure book for girls and boys.

Logan, Meeka, Poet and Nate start a friendship that will carry them through their exciting mystery adventure series in this, the book of the Crime Stopper Kids Mystery Series.


“What a feel good, great read! It has a bit of everything: family, friendship, action, suspense, laugh-out-loud wit and more!”~ Amazon reader

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The Trespassers Unexpected Adventure Chapter One

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