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Crime Stopper Kids Mysteries Series Book Two

Kids who Dare, Villians to Fear, Parents who Care


Looking for popular, realistic fiction books for children 9-12 years old? This is an appealing, heart-warming story with fun kids who go looking for friendship and find adventure and mystery they weren’t expecting.

Trespassing Logan gets caught out abseiling alone down a cliff by a girl who calls herself Captain Happy. She refuses to tell Logan her real name, and her fun-loving parents go along with the game. Baffled, Logan joins the mystery family for a day full of adventure. Not only are they mysterious, they are wealthy beyond anything he knows, as a race in a Ferrari proves.

As night time approaches, they are joined by Logan’s foster family, including his two foster brothers, Cole and Nate, and foster sister, Poet. As the families enjoy stories around a campfire, little do they know they are being watched by two shipwreck pirates who want to land on their beach and smuggle in some shipwrecked gold into the very house Captain Happy is staying in. The criminals are going to have to deal with Captain Happy, Logan and their families. It’s up to their ringleader to come up with a plan.

Unwittingly, the Crime Stopper kids walk straight into his trap and Cole is captured. Determined to get him back, the kids sneak through a tunnel that collapses on them. All looks lost when they are discovered and caught themselves by the ruthless pirates. Even Nate’s ninja-like martial art skills can’t help. How will they escape and capture the pirates now?

The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure is the first book in the Crimes Stopper Kids Mysteries Stories series. This fast-paced and laugh-out-loud funny story is popular with both boys and girls ages 9-14, and appeals even to reluctant readers.

The Trespasser’s Unexpected Adventure is a heart-warming suspense and mystery adventure book for girls and boys.

Logan, Meeka, Poet and Nate start a friendship that will carry them through their exciting mystery adventure series in this, the book of the Crime Stopper Kids Mystery Series.


“What a feel good, great read! It has a bit of everything: family, friendship, action, suspense, laugh-out-loud wit and more!”~ Amazon reader


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The Trespassers Unexpected Adventure Chapter One

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