Dinosaur Story from the Free English Children’s Book

“Cinderella Sarah: Read Alouds for Kids”


Dinosaur Brontosuarus English Story for Children




Jack loved the walk home from school. He’d always take the shortcut through his favourite place, the forest. Though of course, as he’d promised his Mum, he never left the track. Never that is, except for that one incredible day.

As usual, he walked along scanning the path for any animal tracks. Just as felt the wind pick up, it happened. And so quickly, he had no time to think. Hearing a low grunting sound in front of him, he glanced up and saw a wild pig with a menacing look in his eyes, standing in the middle of the track. Jack made a run for a nearby tree, certain the pig was following, but he never found out. Just as he reached the tree, the ground gave way beneath him and he was falling, twisting and turning down a bank. He hit his head on something hard and everything went black.


He was being prodded, pushed and slobbered. It felt like a great big dog, not a wild-eyed pig. Jack opened his eyes then shut them again quickly as a shaft of fear shot through his body.

It couldn’t be, it was impossible! He’d have to look again.

He opened his eyes and looked straight into the face of a giant Brontosaurus.

“At last, you’re awake,” it murmured.

Jack couldn’t believe his ears, or his eyes—it was a talking Brontosaurus! …..

Find out what happens to Jack and Skyhead in the children’s book: Cindrella Sarah: Short Stories for Kids 

 Praise for the Free English kid’s book Cinderella Sarah: Read Alouds for Kids:

This is a decent book for read-aloud. I use it for Grades 3/4 and some of the stories have some nice lessons, too. Most of the stories take less than 15 minutes to read-aloud, which is perfect for a library class. – Megan



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